“What is a teacher? I'll tell you: it isn't someone who teaches you something, but someone who inspires you to give your best in order to discover what you already knew.”

~Paulo Caelho

Positive Teacher Effectiveness Training (PTET)

Positive Teacher Effectiveness Training (PTET) provides teachers with the necessary models, skills, and tools to create a more cooperative classroom setting, problem-solving skills, as well as a solution-focused school community.

Teachers and school staff form a closer relationship with their student body while better understanding how to foster a school community based on mutual respect and working together. 

Individual assessment and how each classroom runs from the top up, dealing with misbehaviors, and creating a positive classroom atmosphere are just some of the concepts learned during the PTET training.


We are strong believers in the experiential model of learning. Therefore, all training is based on experiential activities to help trainees understand and internalize concepts.